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Sunday, 24 April 2022 07:01

April 22/2022

The below pictures are our academic staff who are pursuing their MSc since 2021 in HS Weintephen Triesdorf unversity in Germany.
Our graduates are doing and shining again in the post graduate studies abroad.
Arsi University proudly appreciate their hard work and will pass our sincere congratulations for model work.
Our partnership and collaboration will be stronger and believe to have more staff pursuing their will be Degrees and researching in different areas with our partner University.
Arsi University will send our appreciation to our partner and promises to collaborate in more areas of projects and academic development programs.
Like our star Athletes, excelling Profesionals!

The journey of hope and tomorrow's promise!
Like our star Athletes,excelling Profesionals!
Sunday, 24 April 2022 06:13

Training kicks off

Arsi university Academic standard quality assurance and relevance directorate provides training on Quality focus areas and preparation of self evaluation documents to its stakeholders.
Dr. Nuru Mohammed, the university's Academic standard quality assurance and relevance directorate director briefs as the training has a dual objective. first, it aims to create awairness about quality among the community of the university. Second, it aims to create fertile ground for the college/school level and university level self evaluation to be conducted soon. Following the opening of the training, topics about quality and the ten focus areas of quality were presente by Dr. Kasim Kimo, the university's Academic Vice-president and preparation of self evaluation documents by Dr. Nuru Mohammed the university's Academic standard quality assurance and relevance directorate director, respectively.
Dr. Kasim highlights that this training help those who work around quality to improve their understanding about the pprocedures and processes that higher education institutions use to maintain and enhance their educational quality as aligned against established objectives. After the presentations discussion is held with the participants and valuable ideas are raised and reflection and way forward is set by the AVP and director. Quality assurance vice-deans, department quality focal persons, Academic directors and other stakeholders have been attending the training at the university main campus lecture hall.
Sunday, 24 April 2022 06:03

April 20/2022 ,Arsi University

Public lecture was given to Arsi University Researchers, Instructors and higher staff of different rank on
‘Transforming Agriculture to Combat Food Insecurity, and Poverty in Ethiopia for National Sustainable Development: Challenge and Opportunities for the Future’ today at College of agriculture,Arsi university ;
By "Sisay Asefa, PhD, Emeritus of Economics and Founding Director of Center of African Development Policy Research, Western Michigan University"
The lecture was delivered in the presence of Prof Endashaw (AAU) and Dr.Yonatan (from Toronto, Canada).
The presentation was opened by Dr.Adem Kedir(V/P Research and Community services,Arsi university).

Scholarly complement on Food security Vs Good governance, the issue of poverty reduction, agricultural productivity were entertained from professional and policy angle from staff of Arsi University.
Today's presentation is believed to bring more collaboration, working together for long term issue of Food insecurity and poverty reduction with more focus in solving timely problems to our majority people, Farmers.
Having much natural advantage and high productivity, Arsi University is expected to work hardly than ever to bring Food security which speaks beyond Farmers of Arsi Zone.
Finally guests were certified for their memorable contributions as Advisory Board on AJSI (Arsi Journal of Science and Innovation).
Arsi's cultural dressings and 'Qorii' was given to our guests by our V/P Dr.Adem kedir just at the end of the session.
Like our star Athletes, excelling Profesionals
Sunday, 24 April 2022 05:57

Arsi University Across the Globe!

The fundamental issue of moving institution is about having firm vision and working for that with good heart and full commitment.
Arsi University is the number one institutions living in the heart of it's people and making clear journey of our timely demands.
Our number one success story will be our commitment and selflessly working Management team among which much credit will go to our University president(Dr.Dhuguma Adugna).
Our selflessly working president has moved across the globe and looking to change his moving institutions to the best of his experience and knowledge.
Mr.President, we all value your value and hope you to make your dream of making our university the best center of academic ,Research and community services.
Like our star Athletes, excelling Profesionals!
Sunday, 24 April 2022 05:50

April 20/2022

Ethiopian parliament standing committee on Human Resources Management and Technology Affairs has made discussions with different stakeholders of Arsi University Community the last two days.
The standing committee focused on this year performance with direct field evaluation of work done, service deliveries, Projects and on general status of the university together with different levels of managing teams.
Top university management, students and all staff of the university were involved in the discussion made.
The bright hope of the university, best and Model examples together with its weaknesses are raised from all aspects the discussion.
We value all the feed backs and way forwards from all side and for sure to make it happen for the best of our people.
Like our star Athletes, excelling Profesionals!
Saturday, 16 April 2022 09:47


Today the launching ceremony of Arsi University STEM Center for our growing scientists has been made in our main library in the presence of Dr.Adem kedir(V/P of Research and community services,Arsi university) With aim of making our school environment more conducive and practical to our junior high school students.

It is supposed to help our high the schools for enabling their academic journey more practical and initiate students to use their theoretical knowledge in to practice.

Dr.Adem promised that ,the project will help selected students from all schools of Arsi ,Asella and it's surrounding to use their free and rest time for developing skills and knowledge of creating new discoveries, innovation and more of engaging young into industrious future.

Dr.Adem Kedir added his huge thank you and appreciate the collaboration from STEM Power and South Korea project for their offer ,support and a promising future to work with.

Mr. Umer Derse Godana, Coordinator of Arsi University STEM Center and Vice Dean for Research and Community Service of College of Natural and Computational SC, and the experts front STEM Power demonstrated some activities of the center for the students and guests from Asella Town.

Leadership matters!

Like our star Athletes excelling Profesionals!

April 9/2022

Arsi University signed MoU with its long time partner Human Bridge today at the college of health science ,MCH center.

Swedish Human bridge is among the exceptionally supportive and long time partner with our university collaborating on delivering medical equipments, materials for all Ethiopian higher institutions, Hospitals, Health centers, schools and highly working on maintaining all the medical instrument using well trained Biomedical engineers in many part of the country and Arsi community in particular.

Today ,Arsi university president (Dr.Dhuguma Adugna) and Director General for Human Bridge Eastern Africa(Dr.Adamu Aniley) signed an agreement for Provision of Hospital Beds ,Bedside Table, and Other Medical Eqiupment to Shirka,Meki and Abomsa Hospitals in the presence of Arsi College of Health science Dean, Directors ,guests that include( Dr.Nigussie ,professor Berhanu) mainly focusing on equipping our MCH center ,our awaiting center waiting to be open sooner in few weeks.

Congratulations to arsi University and the surrounding community for having the most committed and hard working leadership (university president ) and our humble and man of his people Dr.Adamu aniley when the time demand their services.

Message of thank you and promises of delivering high standard OR Machine ,Table and Digital Mammography on top of the above materials were made from Our partner side.

Dr.adamu and his Human Bridge has served almost more than half of our health facilities and schools in arsi and the surrounding community that extends to even Moyale hospital when no one is there during the emergency time.

This big mentality and born kind man with his organization will have our heartily respect and Memory for all his support and always there when we need his supportive hand.He will be there in the memory page of our supportive document and above all in the heart of Arsi community.

Thank you message from our president, and supportive call for all our staff and community to stand with our hard working president were made from Dr,Nigussie and professor Berhanu (our guests on stage) with senior religious elders on spot.

Finally ,guests and our partner were given our traditional Gift from College of Health science.

Like our star Athletes ,excelling Profesionals!

Arsi University signed MoU with Jimma University ,AAU and Institute of Oromo studies today this afternoon at the president office of Addis Ababa University.
The MoU was signed on Description and Documentation of Gadaa cultural terms with special focus on terms in Irreechaaa.
Presidents of all the three Universities were part of the signatories together with Representative from Institute of Oromo studies, Vise presidents of Research and community services, College deans ,Directors ,External Affair and public Relation Directors are all part of the ceremony.
Message were delivered by the presidents ((Dr.Dhuguma Adugna(Arsi University president),Dr.Jemal Abafita(Jimma University president),Professor Tasew Woldehana (AAU president) Mr.Diriba Terefe(Director General of ,Institute of Oromo Studies)) and lastly the launching ceremony was planned to be hosted at Arsi University land of cultural diversity ,and growing center of research and academic!

Congratulations to all our university community for being part of the ceremony and having the first Chance to host this big and historic stage!
Special thanks will goes to our team in Research and community services lead by Dr.Adem for the dedication and commitment to shine out in this area too.
Like our star Athletes excelling Profesional !


Arsi university has signed agreements with one of big university of applied science today in the afternoon!

The agreement was signed on Harnessing of Efficient Vegetable and fruit production between Dr.Dhuguma Adugna (president of Arsi University ) and Dr.Eric Veulliet Rector (president of Weihenstephan Triesdorf University of Appleid sciences) (Germany) in the presence of Dr.Befekedu(Our college Dean) and other guests on starting the project sooner in the physical year. This project is an extension of our existing partnership for the last couple of years. We were jointly working on Masters Program in Agricultural Management since 2019 G.C.

Finally ,Dr.Dhuguma Adugna (Arsi University president) And Community of Arsi will happily send our congratulations to Dr.Eric Vaulliet Rector (re_elected president of our partner University ) using this opportunity and hope to have more work together in the years to come. This will be a big asset in realizing the multidisciplinary approach in increasing productivity,Diversity and using technology on our agricultural practices. Arsi andthesurrounding community will use this opportunity to work with our institution in making the project real and productive.

Congratulations once again !

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