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Our new milestone!

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Our new milestone!

Arsi University is one of the moving young University striving to shine out in the three pillars of University mission (Teaching, Research and Community services) to which collaboration with international and National institutions are fundamental.

Having institutions alone will not work if the leaders fail to commit working on priorities and issues essentially should given space.

Today ,our university president has joined two giant sub specialists(Dr.Melik and Dr.Esmael),our most respected, hard working team in USA and agreed for working together majorly on community services in their home land. Our collaboration with our giants speaks our engagement both with IOHPA and their respective institutions.

Addressing wide area of collaboration, they agreed on capacity building, training our staff , students support programs and alleviating the burden of eosophagial Cancer and associated risks (being the major unaddressed problem and for its wide distribution specially in Arsi and the surrounding areas).

Our University president send his appreciation on their firm stand and kind heart to give back to their community after promising to give attention and show readiness to give full support in starting the issue of Eosophagial problems both in researching and community education , allow our Health College team and other stakeholders do maximally immediately after back to his university.

We feel happier to see our esteemed seniors be back to their home institutions and will promise to give our full support on the area of collaboration and for more community support programs at large regional and country wide.

It is also more blessing that our beloved president is planning to address collaboration works on Health and agriculture in the coming few days in different universities abroad at USA.

The collaboration is expected to cover university of Cornell and university of California on Agricultural areas on one hand and University of Iwa and University of Kentucky on health coverages.

We are looking to see more work that will accommodate our large demands in capacity building ,Researching and projects on these blessed invitation from international institutions.

It will give us more courage and hope hearing that all the costs and accommodations are covered for the president during the stay with all the institutions.

Having thess degrees of social capital and good heart to give back will send us how our tomorrow's will be a time of hope and bright. Long walk Mr.President!

Like our star Athletes, excelling Profesionals.

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