About Us

About Arsi University

Arsi University aspires to be among the leading east African universities and recognized university in the world by 2033.

Arsi University is committed to produce competent & ethical graduates practical teaching, research, community engagement and innovation to the sustainable development of the country.

  • Customer Focused
  • Quality first
  • Innovation
  • Respect diversity
  • Environment friendly
  • Efficiency & effectiveness
  • Professional commitment
  • Transparency
  • Merit based

Like our star athletes, excelling professionals!

Learning & Teaching

Arsi University is committed to providing the highest-quality education for all its students, enabling them to achieve success in their career paths and make a valuable contribution to society. Read More

Research & Development

The university amplifies collaborative faculty-led research activities at Assela and Bekoji and expands its capacity to pursue major multi- and interdisciplinary research initiatives that garner national and international recognition. Read More

Community Engagement

Community service forms the core of our work at Arsi University. Initially established to address the health and agricultural support needs of local people, we have maintained and strengthened our connection and commitment to serving our community. Read More