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Arsi University Office of Gender Affairs Directorate

Background of Gender Directorate

Arsi University Gender affairs office was established in 2014 GC as University’s gender focal point. Office of Gender Affairs is aiming in reducing female attrition rate; reducing Gender Based Violence (GBV), enhancing female student’s psychosocial skills. In addition, the office is responsible to coordinate efforts to increase the enrolment and retention of female students as well as the recruitment and promotion of female academic and administrative staff in the University. Furthermore, Office of Gender Affairs is willing to work strong with the sake of achieving Arsi University Mission and Vision. In this regard the Directorate is responsible to perform the following activities:

A gender office directly accountable to the office of the President is hereby established with the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. Identify challenges faced by female students and staff of the University and provide/suggest solutions;
  2. Mainstream gender in the teaching learning process, training and research activities of the University;
  3. Raise the awareness of students and other members of the University about existing gender issues within the University in collaboration with other relevant bodies;
  4. Follow up and coordinate supports provided to female students by the University and other stakeholders;
  5. Work on different gender-related issues raised by students and staff and report to relevant offices, take appropriate actions and follow up progress;
  6. Motivate female students by providing awards to outstanding female students
  7. Provide counseling service to female students
  8. Facilitate activities planned to support female students such as tutorials, trainings on life skills, etc.
  9. Encourage and assist initiatives for female empowerment in academics, and administration;
  10. Create networking with other similar offices in higher education institutes;
  11. Promote and implement gender polices and guidelines
  12. Develops University wide policies and guidelines
  13. Creates and develop linkages between the gender offices of all colleges and institutes, the female student union and the support staff female representatives;
  14. Establishes sustainable infrastructure to support female staff and female students to reach a quota of 50% on each level of the University.
  15. Representing the University in matters relating to women and participate in meeting and trainings
  16. The  preparations of action plans and budget required for the office
  17. The preparation of periodic reports and evaluations on the activities of the office.
  18. Perform any other related tasks assigned by the President.

Completed projects:

Copy house and pool house was established at the University Main Campus.

Ongoing project:

Construction of mini-shop which will going to generate income for Arsi University students who came from economically poor family is currently on the progress.

Future projects:

Identifying Arsi University female students challenges related to Gender Based Violence caused by the University staff and the surrounding society and providing sustainable solution for the problems. Hence, we are looking for research proposal which will be able to specifically address problem of sugar Dadi and sugar Mami. In addition to this we are aiming to give one community service.

Branches of Gender Affairs:

Arsi University Gender Directorate has three branches located at:

-          Collage of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

-          Collage of Health Sciences

-          Collage of Humanities and Social Sciences (Bekoji Kampus)

Directorate director contact address:

-          Name: Yewubnesh Wendimu

-          Phone: +251 912 25 75 92

-          Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Gender office group leader contact address:

-          Name: Tsige Haile

-          Phone: +251 911 70 04 33

-          Email: