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Arsi University Audit Directorate

Internal audit authority and mandate is derived from Arsi University Board. Its functions, activities and operations are defined in an audit Charter. The university Board by policy establishes and supports internal audit as an independent appraisal function to examine and evaluate university activities, operations as a service to management and Board of Arsi University.


The university internal Audit Directorate is one of the directorate offices under the president office of the Arsi University in order to accomplishes the overall activities of Audit works through assurance, consulting, risk assessing and for the improvement of value adding.

The university recognizes that “to audit” means based on consulting the concerned responsible and accountable parties, risk assessing and indicating the problems to take managerial measures, assuring financial and performance documents and for the improvement of value adding based services as per the laws and Regulations of the FDRE Government.

Internal Audit Vision and Mission

Value of the Directorate

Objectives of the Directorate

The extent and frequency of audits depends upon varying circumstances such as results of previous audits, relative risks associated with activities, requests from management and resources availability.

The internal Audit function

  1. Internal auditing is an objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve university systems, processes and controls. It is independent of any management functions or officers and has access through the Audit staff to the president of the university if required.
  2. Auditing personnel must have an in depth knowledge of standard practices in the areas under review.
  3. Auditing personnel must have access to all necessary data to form conclusions about the area under review.
  4. Auditing personnel must be aware of explicit guidelines in the area under review as well as the specific communications to those being audited.
  5. Personnel being audited must be provided a detailed review of the conclusions of any audit and be given an opportunity to appeal
  6. Any disagreements to a party other than conducting the audit.
  7. Institutional personnel must have faith in the integrity of the audit and of the officials directing the audit.

The major activities of the university Internal Auditor are to:

Services Offered

The internal Audit Department is available to provide a variety of services to the university community. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding specific policies and procedures employed by your department, we encourage you to contact us.

Dawit Lemma

Audit Directorate Director

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