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The University cuddles a flamboyant graduation parade on 14th of December/ 2019. Higher academic and administrative officials, the university leaders, community representatives, country elders, graduate families and friends connected on the remark of the instance.
On the occasion with the rank of vice president chief executive director of the College of Health Sciences Mr. Merga Bayu appreciates the graduates, and he sustains that graduates are not only going to save life and protect people from various forms of infections but also give ethical and quality service to the community. Meanwhile, the President of Arsi University, His Excellency Dr. Duguma Adugna states that Arsi University is working with the surrounding community to realize a considerable change in education quality in order to produce ethical professional who can solve the society’s problem. He also affirms that without the active participation of the community, delivering quality service is unthinkable; therefore, the university has to work with the community for better advancement. The University graduates 300 students. Among these 69 in Medical Doctor (MD) and the remains in other health science programs.
The graduation parade has been fascinating and astounding where graduates, families and friends of graduates have been expressing their pleasure over the graduation ceremony by screaming, shrilling and shouting to express their pleasure.

Arsi u held its 7th annual national research conference which was organised by the college of health sciences under the grand theme: "Evidence based quality health care for sustainable development in Ethiopia from December 20-21 at Kulumsa agricultural research centre conference hall.
Mr Merga Bayu with the rank of vice president chief executive director of the college of health sciences while addressing the objective of the conference said that such kind of research conference will help to implement evidence based health care system across the nation and international level.
Vice president for research and community service Dr. Adem Kedir made a welcoming speech appreciate the participants who attended the conference from different corner of the country.Dr.Adem also addressed that the university has been undertakenl 6 national 2 international research conferences since its establishment and about 40 problem solving research works per year.
The Vice President invited the President Dr. Duguma Adugna who started his opening speech by addressing the effort of Ethiopia on launching of the first Satellite to the space for sustainable development. The President also addressed all efforts of all parties participated to realise the research conference. Following the opening speech key note speakers Professor Getnet Mitiku, ex-professor of Addis Ababa University, now working as Intrim Executive Director of International Institute of Primary Health Care at MoH, and Professor Tefera Belachew, Dean of Graduate Studies, Jimma University, member of National Nutrition Policy and Strategy designing team. Both key note speakers highlighted basic health issues.
The first day plenary session began after Hirsh Institute of Tropical Medicine, which is one the major contributor of health research for Arsi University. The plenary session began by two leading papers, followed by discussion at the main hall.
Both first day afternoon and second day morning were held at three halls parallely for the total of 28 research works contributed by scholars from different Ethiopian Universities and Colleges.
Finally, closing was made by general discussion by Dr Adem Kedir, Vice President for Research and Community Development; participants recognition and closing speech by Dr Duguma Adugna.

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Call for Conference Paper

Under the notion of empowering the youths’ community service project, Arsi University provides 60 oxen and 1005 hens to youth associations so that they can be economically productive and to minimize the burden of unemployment in the surroundings.

This can also help the youths to improve their live and support others in the community. Paralleling to this, the University team leading by Vice president for Research and Community Services H.E. Dr. Kasim Kimo plants seedling to foster the green legacy project of the country. In addition to this, Arsi University has been working hard to rescue Lake Demble through various activities mobilizing the surrounding society to development activities. So far, the university has spent more than 4 million birr to organize the unemployed group of the society in 5 associations so as to involve in the economic sector which has been facilitated by Arsi University. The youths and the residents appreciate the interest of Arsi University to create a working environment for the youths who are productive, but they do not have means to improve their living condition. On the occasion, Dean of the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences Mr. Misbahu Aman extends his invaluable advice to the youth associations to work hard and support others who do not have the chance to involve themselves in any of economic activities. Lastly, country elders, district and kebele administration officials, youths and university representatives participate attend the episode.